Looking for a new experience for your group? Try nature and cultural themed programs offered by the Elgin Public Museum. These programs are geared towards adults with the benefit of Museum expertise and artifacts.

Outreach Programs
Many of Elgin Public Museum's Group Programs can be presented at your facility, thus eliminating the expense of transportation. Additional mileage fees are assessed for outreach programs.


Native Americans: One with the Land
Everyday life and activities among Woodland and Plains tribes come to life. As 21st century inhabitants, how would we be able to find food and cook without a grocery store or a microwave? Ponder what it would be like to have lived 400 years ago, relying only on the natural environment to survive. Supplemented with lots of hands-on artifacts. 1 hour.

Winter can be harsh, but we have electricity, warm showers and heated cars to get us through. Imagine life without these luxuries! People native to the region lived according to the seasons and were able to survive extreme weather by preparation and intimate knowledge of the land. Learn about winter food preparation, housing, and transportation. Also explore how the European settlers adapted. 1 hour

Touching on Traditions
Tours and workshops are presented in conjunction with the Museum's annual multicultural exhibit Touching on Traditions. Groups learn about a variety of winter holidays and traditions celebrated around the world. Discover the back stories, folklore, and special traditions behind the exhibits that were developed by Elgin area families who have immigrated from other regions. Available only in December. This year the exhibit will be displayed at the Elgin Public Museum. 1 hour.


Our Earth Needs You
Pollution discussions of the past focused on the very visible waste: oil spills and trash in the street. While these are still very important issues, what about the seemingly invisible problems our Earth faces? Some examples include pill contamination of our water supply, overuse of energy resources or dam construction that adversely affects the ecology downstream. Look at how global issues affect us locally – and what we can do about it! 1 hour.


Animal Adaptations
Identify and understand various animal adaptations using Museum specimens. Activities focus on adaptations that give clues to the animals' habitat and how they survive in the wild through both physical and behavioral adaptations. 1 hour

Chill Factor
Many animals (like humans!) move south for the winter. But what about those that remain? Behavioral adaptations and specialized body physiology allow animals to stick it out. The arctic ground squirrel reduces its body temperature to 28 degrees! Common varieties of frogs and insects survive by freezing. Learn about these and other amazing ways animals beat punishing winter weather.


Museum Tour
Stroll through the Museum with Museum staff who will highlight the newest and most famous exhibits. Focus on our Mason Creek Fossils, endangered animal species, or the LaSalle Explorer exhibit. Learn how exhibits are created and maintained. 1 hour

Nature Walk

Discover the many aspects of nature – animal homes, plants, insects, trees and animals, including the bison and deer of Lords Park. Walk along the Willow Creek Trail with an educator who will point out the mysteries of the forests as well as contemplate the uses and impact the waterways have on humans throughout the ages. We can tailor the tour to your group's interests. 1 hour