Focus on Fossils Workshop
How do we know about dinosaurs, ancient plants, and sea creatures? Fossils hold the answers. Students will examine a variety of fossils, including trilobites, teeth, bone, footprints and coprolites (fossil feces). Discover Museum specimens such as our state fossil, the tully monster. Through an interactive story about fossil fish, learn how fossils are made, how climate and geology have changed through time, and what rock types commonly contain fossils. Sessions conclude with each student making a take-home fossil. This program is offered only as a workshop. Grade 2-6, 1½ hours.

Wild About Rocks!
Pumice, sandstone, slate, oh my! What are they and what do they have in common? They are all rocks! Learn the ways geologists identify rocks and minerals and the differences between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks by handling Museum specimens. Learn the many rock materials we use or see in everyday life. Fossils "come alive" as students learn how they are made and why they are important in understanding our natural history. Grade 2-6, 1 hour.

What is a Dinosaur?
Travel back in time 65 million years ago to the "Age of Dinosaurs." Were all dinosaurs big? What color were dinosaurs? What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? These are just a few of the thoughts we'll discuss as we dispel some of the myths about dinosaurs. Names of dinosaurs are discussed, but not stressed. See the life-sized cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull. Preschool – Grade 2, 45 minutes – 1 hour.