Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries
Scouts will learn the scientific secrets behind common magic tricks, and even get the chance to learn a trick or two of their own! They will also discover how to use sign language, read Braille, and crack secret codes during this program. Fulfills requirements 1, 2, and 4-8.

Tiger Tales
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away… the scouts came to visit the Museum! During this program, scouts will exercise their imaginations, create tall tales and art, play a variety of historic games, and learn folk songs. Fulfills requirements 1-7.


Digging in the Past
Get a crash course in Paleontology during this dinosaur-focused program. Scouts will gain basic knowledge of the ancient animals, as well as the paleontologists who dig them up! They will also engage in a dinosaur dig, and learn about the creation of fossils before making their very own fossil casts to take home! Fulfills requirements 1-3 and 6.

Germs Alive!
Germs are everywhere! Through games and demonstrations, Scouts will learn all about troublesome microbes, and how they spread. Be sure to wash your hands after this hands-on program! Fulfills requirements 1-4 and 6.


Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
You can learn countless things about the natural world right here in Lords Park during this nature-based program. Take a walk through the hall of Endangered Species and learn what you can do to help. Hike down to Willow Creek trail to find signs of wildlife. Visit the zoo and observe bison, elk, and deer in their natural habitats. Check out the garden and learn how dead plants can give life to the new. Fulfills requirements 1-6.


Beat of the Drum
Native American history is a specialty of the Elgin Public Museum. Bring your scouts to take part in the lessons and activities of our most popular subject. Long before the city of Elgin was built, this area was home to the Plains and Woodland Indians. When the Europeans came to colonize America, everything changed. Scouts will have the opportunity to see and touch authentic Native American artifacts. They will also make their own dream catcher, make a Native American game to take home, and create their own legend. Fulfills requirements 1-4.

Interested in crime-fighting? Than this program is for you! During this program, scouts will experiment with chromatography, fingerprinting, and substance-analysis to learn how they are used to help solve crimes. Fulfills requirements 1-5 and 8.

Super Science
Scouts will use the scientific method to explore the properties of static electricity and water density in this electrifying, egg-citing and colorful program! Fulfills requirements 1-6.

A World of Sound
Music has been well-loved for as long as humans have existed. During this program, scouts will get the chance to learn the history of ancient instruments, listen to their original sound, and then create their very own. We will focus on the mbira (African thumb piano), the sistrum (Egyptian rattle), and the rain stick (Native American/Mexican percussion). Fulfills requirements 1-3.


Earth Rocks!
From the beautiful scenery that surrounds us, to the sturdy buildings of our schools, Earth’s geology affects us every day! During this program, scouts will learn the basics of geology, and why it is such an important area of study. Different types of fossils, rocks and minerals will be provided for scouts to test and inspect before engaging in other geologic experiments. Fulfills requirements 4-9a.

Into the Wild
Discover the secret lives of wildlife! Scouts will spend their time studying the native creatures of Lords Park, the role they play, and how they survive so well in their habitats. What can we do to help them? How can we treat them with respect? Find out the answers to these questions and visit the animals of the zoo and the museum during this program. Fulfills requirements 1, 4-9.

Into the Woods
Hickory, Oak, Maple, oh my! There are dozens of species of trees common to Lords Park, and each one is fascinating! During this outside program, scouts will discover the importance of trees and plants, the secrets they hold, as well as their many uses. Fulfills requirements 1-7.