I Speak for the Trees
Based Dr. Seuss' classic story The Lorax, students discuss the core message of the book: we all need to take care of our Earth. Students learn why trees are important, what we need versus what we think we need, and how practicing the 3R's can help us be good Earth protectors. A workshop may be added to this program for an additional fee. Outdoor experiences are included in accordance with weather conditions. Preschool – Grade 3, 45 minutes – 1 ¼ hours.

Our Earth Needs You
Yes, people of all ages are needed to protect the environment we all share! Learn about nature's cycles and how humans are creating problems. Discover how we harm the environment through pollution, over-consumption and waste generation. Through interactive discussion, students will consider way to reduce theses stresses, with an emphasis on decreased waste generation: reducing, reusing and recycling. Kindergarten – Adult, 1 hour.