Digging up the Past: An Archeologist's Day
Do all archeologists look like Indiana Jones and venture into frightening, unknown places? Only in the movies! Step into the shoes of real life archeologists and learn about their tools, where to dig, what to look for and how to find and care for valuable artifacts. Take part in a dig for artifacts. Also available as an extended workshop in which students make coil or pinch pots or take part in an archeology game. This program is offered only as a workshop. Grades 3 – Adult, 1 ½ - 2 hours.

Life in the Slow Lane: Pioneer & Native American Lifestyles
Ready for some fun at a pace far slower than today's breakneck speed? Hands-on experience as a pioneer and Native American awaits you. This activity-filled program illustrates the knowledge and skill it took to survive in years past. People adapted their lifestyles to what nature offered them. A wide variety of activities are available: corn grinding; quill writing; rope, candle, butter, and necklace making; tin punch craft; clay pottery; Native American/Pioneer foods; and Native American games. Other activities may be available on request. This programs is available only as a workshop. Grades 3 – Adult, 1 ½ - 2 hours.

LaSalle Expedition and Fur Trade
What motivated early Europeans such as LaSalle to venture into territory unknown to them? From Montreal to the Great Lakes to the mouth of the Mississippi River, how did this French explorer affect the lives of the Native American people? How did the Native Americans influence LaSalle and his men? Discover how the fur trade changed the land and the cultural development. A workshop may be added to this program for an additional fee. Grade 4 – Adult, 1 – 3 hours.

Native American Games
Native Americans of all tribes played games to help develop adult survival skills, but they were also for fun and entertainment. After an interactive presentation, students play a variety of games. This program also includes artifacts and discussion from Native Americans: One with the Land. Preschool – Adult, 45 minutes - 1 hour.

Native Americans: One with the Land
Everyday life and activities among Woodland and Plains tribes come to life. As 21st century inhabitants, how would we be able to find food and cook without a grocery store or a microwave? Students ponder what it would be like to have lived 400 years ago, relying only on the natural environment to survive. LOTS of hands-on artifacts, even a bison robe to try on! Preschool – Adult, 1 hour.

Touching on Traditions
Tours and workshops are presented in conjunction with the Museum's annual multicultural exhibit Touching on Traditions. Groups learn about a variety of winter holidays and traditions celebrated around the world. Discover the back stories, folklore, and special traditions behind the exhibits that were developed by Elgin area families who have immigrated from other regions. Available only in December. This year the exhibit will be displayed at the Elgin Public Museum. Preschool – Adult, 1 hour.